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Fancy a Rock DJ at your Mobile Disco? Thinking about hosting a Rock Night at your pub or club? We here at Equalizer Event DJs got ya covered.  Our main man DJ PISTOL PETE has hosted Rock nights in Aberdeen for years.

Our logo for Rock'N'Roll Damnation, specialist night by our Rock DJ, Pete

Entitled "Rock’N’Roll Damnation", this is a specialist genre night set up for those passionate about Rock, Heavy Metal, Goth, Industrial and EBM music. The night offers a refreshing alternative to the usual Dance/Chart music that is played in most Pubs/Clubs in Aberdeen, something that customers who attend really appreciate.

The night has had considerable success in the Public Sector, particularly in the Rock Pubs and Clubs in Aberdeen City Centre. The night can consist of music from just one of the aforementioned genres, or various combinations of them, depending on what is suitable for the audience at the venue. Rock'N'Roll Damnation incorporates music from the late 60’s to present day.


This specialist night also lives happily online too, hosted on Twitch on a weekly basis by our "DJ PISTOL PETE" live from his Studio, affectionately known as "Club Sheddocksley". The show has amassed a considerable following over the years and continues to grow week after week. Tune in sometime!

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